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Corporate Compliance Fraud Waste and Abuse Program

Corporate Compliance Fraud Waste and Abuse Program

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C-01 - Standard of Conduct/Code of Ethics

C-01-01 - Mission Statement

C-01-02 - Standards of Conduct

C-01-03 - AAHomecare Code of Ethics

C-01-04 - Employee Confidentiality Agreement and Acknowledgment of Code of Ethics


C-02 - Claims Development and Submission

C-02-01 - Medicare Supplier Standards

C-02-02 - Financial Hardship Agreement

C-02-03 - Equipment Purchase Certification

C-02-04 – Medicare Capped Rental and Inexpensive or Routinely Purchased Items Letter

C-02-05 - Authorization for Release of Information, Assignment of Benefits and Deductible/Co-Pay Responsibility


C-03 - Record Retention


C-04 - Auditing and Monitoring

C-04-01 - Statues, Regulations, and Policy Inquiry Log

C-04-02 - Special Areas of OIG Concern


C-05 - Personnel Selection


C-06 - Performance Evaluations


C-07 - Compliance Officer Responsibility


C-08 - Compliance Committee/Task Force

C-09 - Corporate Compliance Education and Training

C-09-01 - Corporate Compliance In-service Training Attendance Log


C-10 - Organization Communication

C-10-01 - Fraud and Abuse Reporting Form

C-10-02 - Fraud and Abuse Reporting Log


C-11 - Managing Compliance Violation Notifications

C-11-01 - Hotline Reporting Form


C-12 - Responding to Detected Offenses

C-12-01 - Investigation Results Form


C-13 - Disciplinary Action

C-13-01 - Compliance Appendices

C-13-02 - The Medicare Anti-Kickback Statue

C-13-03 - Federal False Claims Act

C-13-04 - Physician Liability for Certifications in the Provision of Medicare Equipment and Supplies and Home Health

C-13-05 - Summary of Stark II Proposed Rules

C-13-06 - OIG Issues Guidance On Voluntary Disclosure of Health Care Fraud


C-14 - Monthly Monitoring - Reported Events - Data Collection

Our DMEPOS Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Corporate Compliance Program is a comprehensive and proactive solution designed to help Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies (DMEPOS) suppliers prevent and detect fraudulent activities, waste, and abuse. This program provides a structured framework for implementing effective compliance measures, including policies, training, monitoring, and reporting mechanisms. By promoting ethical behavior and adherence to regulatory requirements, it helps safeguard the integrity of the organization while mitigating risks associated with fraudulent practices. With clear guidelines and actionable strategies, this program is an essential tool for promoting a culture of compliance and accountability within the DMEPOS industry.

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